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Laser hair removal has become a leading cosmetic medical service purchased by American women.  Several sessions of a virtually painless procedure frees you from repetitive shaving or other hair removal methods. TRIA's introduction of a laser hair removal system for use at home is an exciting development.

What are Advantages of Having a TRIA System?

Many people can't afford professional treatments that cost from $2,000 to $5,000 for one body area such as armpits, bikini lines, or legs. When you purchase a TRIA laser hair remover for $795, you save money if you treat one body area and much more if you use it on more than one.

Being able to remove hair at home eliminates appointments and allows you the luxury of taking care of your skin in the private comfort of your own home.  You can time your treatments spontaneously and fit them in at any time you choose.

Though TRIA home laser hair removal units are powerful enough to bring long-term hair reduction, they are safe to use.  Three settings allow you to choose between high, medium, or low energy levels.  There is a customer service line which you call to unlock your product and confirm suitability.  TRIA laser hair removal systems have been rigorously tested with clinical trials and approved for consumer purchase by the FDA.

How Do These Systems Work?

The technology behind TRIA devices is simple to understand.  The basic principle is called "selective photothermolysis", which refers to the fact that dark hair pigments absorb light energy while lighter skin generally doesn't.  Dark pigments absorb the laser beam; hair follicles are heated; and growth slows down or stops.  As a result, hairs eventually fall out and don't grow back for a long time.

The process may feel like gentle snaps of a rubber band, but some people have almost no sensation.  Your skin may redden but only temporarily.  After 6 to 8 treatments - at first every two weeks, and then once per month - you will achieve smooth, virtually hairless skin.  Your results will last for up to a year and possibly much longer.

Laser Hair Removal At Home Suits Most Areas

A TRIA will help you with all of your hair removal needs except facial hair.  People commonly use laser removers for:

  • underarms,
  • bikini lines,
  • legs,
  • arms,
  • chests, and
  • backs.
You are a candidate for home laser use if you have dark hair on light skin.  Light hair colors, such as white, blonde, and grey, do not absorb laser energy; and dark skin tones unfortunately absorb too much heat, risking skin damage.

Interested in purchasing a TRIA laser hair remover?

You can buy online or visit a retailer or physician who carries the product.  Certain aesthetic medical specialists not only sell the units, but will also provide a demonstration.

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TRIA Laser Hair Remover

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This article was published on 2010/04/01