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Whether you want to eliminate excess hair on the legs and arms, chest, stomach or back there are a number of hair removal options to choose from. Shaving or waxing body hair can become a chore and are time consuming, but there are other solutions that get rid of your unwanted hair for the long-term.

Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair, gradually reducing its growth rate over a period of time time. These creams are handy because can be used on hard-to-reach areas and can be applied quickly if the need arises, but some people do report allergic reactions to different types of creams.

Shaving continues to be one of the most widely used methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair, but does have disadvantages. Shaving sensitive areas can cause cuts and inflamed patches of skin, irritation and ingrown hairs. Still, shaving is a quick way to get rid of unwanted hair for the short-term.

Procedures like laser hair removal and electrolysis can help you get rid of unwanted hair for the long-term, enabling you to give up shaving and waxing for good. These types of treatment work by damaging the hair follicle in order to prevent re-growth

Electrolysis has been a popular hair removal treatment and works in a similar manner as the laser hair removal procedure. Electrical currents pass through the hairs and destroy the follicle preventing further growth although a series of treatments is needed to see results, this can be a slow but steady way to eliminate unwanted hair.

There are currently three types of electrolysis: thermolysis, galvanic and a "mixture" of both.
Some of the benefits of electrolysis are:

"Precise, targeted treatment
"No recovery time
"Has a smooth and natural finish
"Can be used anywhere on the body, including eyebrow shaping
However, electrolysis only slows the growth rate of the hair so it will grow back in time and more treatments may be required. Some other drawbacks of electrolysis are:

"Pain "" electrolysis can be a slow painful process, and may require frequent visits to keep up with your treatment program
"Cost "" it can cost 50 an hour for each session, and up to 30 treatments may be needed to completely destroy the hair follicle
"Un-reliable results "" electrolysis catches hairs in the middle of their growth cycle, so new croppings of hair may start appear when new hair begins to grow.
"Sensitive skin "" electrolysis uses heat energy to damage the follicle, this heat can affect sensitive skin tissues and cells causing redness, irritation and swelling

Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution for unwanted hair. Laser hair removal also works by damaging the hair follicle so that it does not grow back. After a each of treatment, hair will become thinner, lighter and grow back slower less until the hair follicle is destroyed and hair growth stops.

One of the main appeals of laser hair removal is time required to see results. Noticeable results are commonly seen within 1-2 treatments, this keeps cost of laser hair removal low. Some other advantages are:

"Pain-free "" The new Soprano XL laser is certified as completely pain free, it has been likened to a hot stone massage.
"No side effects "" With the new Soprano XL technology side effects are virtually eliminated
"Convenience "" treatment can be carried out in 1 hour, even on your lunch break, results can be seen the very next day
"Treat large areas - back hair, chest hair and coarse leg hair can all be removed using laser hair removal

Traditional laser removal treatments also have there disadvantages like, chances of skin damage, blistering, burns and irritation. Not to mention the painful procedure itself, but that has all changed with the Soprano XL laser. The world"s first and only pain free laser hair removal system. This new procedure has virtually zero chance of side effects and is gives better, more reliable, results than any other laser on the market. This means treatment are more efficient, removing the unwanted hair in less sessions and with less cost to you.
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Hair Removal??

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This article was published on 2010/09/29