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If you've heard of laser hair removal, you may have thought it was one of those cosmetic procedures you get done at a clinic. Up until fairly recently that was true - you would have had to go to a medical clinic for laser sessions.  Now you can purchase a small handy device, such as an Epila laser hair remover, and achieve smooth, hairless skin at home.

This Simple Gadget Has Many Features

The Epila laser hair removal gadget is rectangular, can be held in your hand, and looks similar to some electric razors.  It has many features, some of which are listed below:

  • Diode laser technology - the technology used in professional clinics has been adapted for home use.
  • Clinically tested - The Epila was tested in clinical trials at universities and has CE certification.
  • Costs less than $200 - An Epila is a bargain when you consider the thousands of dollars you can pay for treatments at an aesthetic medical clinic.
  • Home laser hair removal is a major time saver - you don't have to go to appointments or do weekly shaving at home.
  • Long-lasting results - Once you've completed a series of sessions, your work will be done and any touchups will be only occasional.

Using an Epila is Easy

Using this device is straightforward.  After shaving and spreading a gel on your skin, you carefully go over a targeted area, directing light pulses at your skin.  The light is absorbed by the pigment in hair follicles, but does not penetrate light-colored skin.

When the follicles heat up, their ability to cause hair growth is reduced significantly.  Over time, fewer and fewer hairs grow back - eventually you can achieve a 90% reduction lasting a long time - at least a year and sometimes longer.

Does this Technique Have Any Limitations?

The only hairs you can't treat at home are those near your eyes - otherwise, you can remove hair on your underarms, upper lip, face, legs, arms, bikini lines, chest, abdomen, and back.

If you have lighter hair or dark skin, laser technology has some limitations that apply to you.  First, laser hair removal won't work on white, blonde, or gray hair because there is very little pigment that can absorb the laser beam.  When you have dark brown or black skin, this technique can be tricky, even in a clinic, simply because pigmented skin tends to absorb the light and as a result, can be burned.

How to Find Your Epila

Where do you find Epila laser hair removal devices?  They are available online from the manufacturer - it's best to ensure that you are buying from the manufacturer so you get the authentic, tested product.  They offer you a trial period, so if you have any hesitation, you know that you'll be able to send it back if for any reason it doesn't feel right for you.

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Epila Laser Hair Remover

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This article was published on 2010/04/01